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Handmade Recycled Wine Barrel Bench

Barrel making, or cooperage, has an interesting history that meshes with the history of humans.  Figuring out how to store, preserve, and ship the things we had figured out how to make was a big step in the march of civilization.  But barrel making as a profession is becoming history itself.  Stainless steel, plastic, and corrugated cardboard containers are now widely used in place of wood.  But wood is hardy and durable.  It's always looking for new ways to be useful.  And artists are always looking for interesting new materials.  As a result, wine barrel furniture is growing in popularity.  Those old barrel makers of the past had no idea they were laying the groundwork for a future trend.  Go figure. 

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This Recycled Wine Barrel Bench caught my eye because of its graceful Zen-like form.  It's made by Chad Gordon, in Pismo Beach, California, and is available from his By Gordon Living Etsy shop.  Each bench is handcrafted from recycled wine barrels, and you can choose either indoor or outdoor stain finish.  In fact, because the bench is made to order,  you can contact Chad Gordon to discuss having it customized to your needs.   The bench is approximately 18 inches high, 15 inches wide, and 36 inches long.   And each bench is unique, with one-of-a-kind artistic detailing by the maker.  It's $149 and requires some assembly on your end.

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In addition to this featured bench, By Gordon Living has several more pieces of Wine Barrel Furniture, including tables, stools, wine racks, and adirondack chairs.  In Wine Barrel Decor you'll find coat racks and candle holders, as well as some cabinets I would expect to find in furniture.  Most unusual, are the Wine Bottle Chandeliers.  So click on over and check out By Gordon Living now.

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