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Fused Glass Suncatchers by Susan Bradshaw

These fish and sea-creature fused glass suncatchers by Susan Bradshaw were recently featured at the Heartful Hub, and they definitely deserve a repeat run here.  They all began as hand-cut sheets of American-made glass that was enhanced with artistic glass segments and glass powder to provide fantastic details, then kiln-fired to a solid work of glass art.  A three inch steel cable wire provides a secure hanger.  Optionally, the suncatcher may be affixed with an included suction cup.  As an added bonus, the fish suncatcher arrives mounted to matte board in a mylar wrapper, perfect for presenting as a gift.  $29 at Modern Artisans.

Blue-Orange Tropical Fish Suncatcher image from www.modernartisans.com

Koi Suncatcher

image from www.modernartisans.com



Green Tropical Fish Fused Glass Suncatcher

image from www.modernartisans.comSea Turtle Fused Glass Suncatcher

image from www.modernartisans.com

These are my favorites.  But you can click over the complete collection of Susan Bradshaw Fused Glass Suncatchers and pick your own favorites.   You'll also find more beautiful handmade suncatchers at Heartful Shopping Portal.