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Handmade Bags for Men

I remember when men had no more to carry than a billfold with a couple of compartments for a driver's license and maybe some photos. They usually hated carrying change (probably still do) because it wore holes in pockets, so they dumped the day's accumulation into car cup holders and jars on dresser tops. Well, they may still dump the change, but guys today have a lot more stuff to lug around: Credit cards, commuter cards, phones, computers, and who knows what else. But they still need to look cool (or at least keep their cool) while hauling and handling a load.

So, with Father's Day coming up, I picked a couple of Etsy shops that have some great bags to choose from.   You can click my picks to get the details, but do browse these shops and check out their other bags and offerings.

  NidirabagLeather iPad Bag, $155

This leather iPad bag is made to order by Nadira El Khang at NadiraBag in New York.  It's 11.5" high x 10" wide x 2.5" deep, making it perfect for the iPad and similarly sized tablets.  Click the image or click here for full details.  Nadira also has a nice selection of leather backpacks.

  Twooakstrading Waxed Canvas and Leather Messenger Bag, $200

This rugged waxed canvas bag is made to order by Katie Faragher at TwoOaks Trading in Scandia, Minnesota. It's a roomy 14" wide by 12" high x 4" deep, is fully lined, and trimmed with leather.  It's shown here in brown, but you can also get it in charcoal, military olive drab, black, or natural.  Click the image or click here for full details.  And while you're there, do check out Katie's sturdy waxed canvas lunch bags.

Post updated 1/23/17